About US

Our aim is to provide our customers with a scaffolding material which is erected and dismantled safely and cautiously with a minimal amount of disruption, delivered on time to suit the customer's needs, thus ensuring that we forge long lasting relationships and become the scaffolding supplier & contractor of choice on future contracts.

We provide scaffolding material in all sectors and scope of work viz. interior and exterior paints, glazing, façade work, cladding, composite panel work, elevator installation (Lift Shaft Scaffolding), slab and centering, so please take a look at what we can do for your company by visiting our service pages.

Our Work is based on following key points to provide best services to our customers
Quality & Standards : 1. Flexible make of scaffoldings for ease of installation and removal.
High strength to weight ratio for utmost use of the scaffold structures.
3. Dual Coat Paint and Anti Corrosive chemical treatment for high persistence and long lasting characteristics.
4. Dimensions of the scaffoldings are very standard which are made as per the market requirements (Scaffoldings can also be produced as per the clients’ requirement.)
5. Material used of Standard specifications and make.

Production & Distribution : 1. We have a very large and sophisticated manufacturing unit at
prominent locations in Mumbai.
The Manufacturing units are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipments for various processes like moldings, bending, welding, cutting, drilling, curing and other chemical treatments and anti corrosion treatments.
3. The manufacturing unit has a systematic arrangement with a complete adherence of safety and quality police.
4. Steel Fab factory has a capacity of production of 500 H frames in a day if all the logistics used and applied goes right in a fine working day.
5. The distribution team is at service 24X7 round the clock for supply of material within the country.
6. Steel Fab has tie ups with all the major Transport agencies in and around the state and in home facilities of Loading and unloading of material at work sites.
7. Any order placed to the company is executed within 24 hours after the compliance of the mandatory requirements of the company.

Cost Affectivity : Steel Fab products are highly cost effective and price competitive in market keeping with “NO Compromise on Quality” term.